If you’re the owner of a shaved ice business, even if you produce a low volume of sales, you are always looking for some ways to cut costs and save money. At Hui Hui Shave Ice, we offer a great solution if you are willing to put in a little extra effort. We offer Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice Flavor Concentrates. Maybe this term sounds familiar or maybe you're wondering why Authentic Hawaiian matters.

Let’s start with some basic definitions so you understand what flavor concentrates are all about. There are two different methods of making shave ice syrups. First, there are "ready-to-use syrups", which already have preservatives and sugar or preservatives in them. Sometimes, more than you think. This means that as soon as you pop open the container you simply pour it over your shave ice and enjoy. The second is Authentic Flavor Concentrates, which have to be mixed with water, pure cane sugar and possibly even preservatives to produce syrups flavors ready for use. Make sue your label says "Pure Cane Sugar". We always prefer the second method, it's a bit more work to pour some syrups, but the creation of your top 12 or ours, creating flavors are SNOW much fun!

Using Authentic Shave Ice Flavor Concentrates requires a bit more time and effort but it has some key advantages over ready-to-use syrups.

Since Authentic Shave Ice Flavor Concentrates are more economical to purchase and store, you can expect to cut costs by an average of 75% by mixing them yourself.


A single 4 ounce container (usually called 4oz.) of Shave Ice Concentrate will flavor:


1 (one) US Gallon of syrup

​     Or

4 (four) 750ml. Bottles


We will provide you a recipe of the exact amount of Pure Cane Sugar and our other natural ingredient to add to your concentrate, and you need to use Purified Water. Do Not cut corners here! The initial requirement will result in a consistent perfection of flavors, and trust us; your customers WILL remember the difference and come back for more.


Next, you will add preservative to your flavor IF you plan for a longer shelf life of you newly created simple syrup, then go sell some shave ice!, or Book an Event with Hui Hui Shave Ice. We also offer a cool collection of Beach Towels, Apparel and Stickers to outfit your kiosk in our Sticker Depot, and Sponsor Page.


How do you make the simple syrup to combine with your concentrates?

Based on the quantity of shaved ice that you expect to produce, you will use a suitable, granulated mixing container and add the appropriate amount of warm water. Then, you’ll add the Pure Cane Sugar (we will provide you with a tested recipe and method), Next stir it thoroughly using your mixing paddle, until all of the sugar is dissolved. To complete the process, you have to preserve that syrup if you plan for a shelf life longer of let’s say two weeks, and store your simple syrup in a cool, dark location, or refrigerated).

If you choose the steps in the above phase (if you are adding preservatives), you will add some Sodium Benzoate and some Citric Acid, then lower the syrup to room temperature. Remember, this step is vital depending on time, remember un-preserved syrup has an rather short shelf life of only two weeks max, while properly preserved syrup can extend the shelf life to six months easily. and if you have our concentrates, you can easily get two years shelf life with your concentrates. We store our concentrates in a refrigerator, but a cool, damp free dark location works as well, and we could estimate about the same shelf life. Most likely, you won't worry much about all of the information regarding shelf life. You will be making any of our concentrates often, since your customers will come back for more. We offer quick shipping for our customers, and can work with any business small or large. We focus on quality, and are here to support customers worldwide, with a focus on the western US, since our business is located in the Thousand Oaks, CA and suppounding areas.

Also, one of the most important components we have found that sells the best, is an eye catching label for your bottle. We think of it like a bottle of wine in the local supermarket. You eye always gets you to look at a label that stands out among all others on that shelf. Trust us, it helps sales tremendously. For this, we have you covered. We have labels available for each of our flavors, and each one is funky, unique, and aligned with other that particular flavor taste, it looks like a bunch of concert posters your visitors just have to stop to read. Our 805 Strawberry, Blue Hawaii, Bahama Mama, and Coconut are all time favorites. We celebrate the California Strawberry Festival with our 805 Strawberry Dream, Forth of July with our Star Spangled Banner, and Christmas with our
Spice Drop


We suggest you offer some smaller size cups along with the your larger ones to allow you creativity in your presentation, and watch your crowd size will grow in time.

Given the changes in our climate, an ice treat is always a sure thing. Visit the Flavor Depot and Label Depot of our website to see a full range of our labels, and unlike any other business we know, we can change the label to offer YOUR unique business name. Just locate the Color Your Ice page on our site, and there you will find a quick link to send us a label request for your unique style. For our Top 12 Flavors in Concentrate, we offer a ready to print complementary label with the Hui Hui logo.

Once we work with you to create our label with your business name, we will upload your ready to order label to our Print Archive online, and send you a link to purchase that label anytime you need a new one. The labels are amazing in quality, waterproof die cut, so washing the bottles you label will not be effected by using gentle cleaning methods.

We hope this helps you as your new business grows.

We are celebrating our 10th year now at Hui Hui Shave Ice, and in that time we have always had a quest for the most Authentic Hawaiian Flavors which has created quite a following with our fan base. We always try to bring the Hawaiian Spirit and decoration in our past events, and in our off-season time, we focus on our offering our Authentic Flavor Concentrates, direct from Hawaii.       


“We always carry about 100 different concentrates at all times, and some of those are rare flavor concentrates and may run out of stock, but for those, we either look for a great new flavor, or continue to work with the locals to bridge that gap”. We have developed our Top 12 Flavors, these are the most requested over the years, and can offer some great flavor combinations at your event.

We also have our Recipe Section, where we have about 20 of our most requested and most popular combinations. Feel free to bookmark this page of our site, and use it often to get some great additions to your event or ice truck.

If you’ve never used any of our flavor concentrates before, we encourage you to give them a try,

and please share your feedback with us.


To purchase flavor concentrates visit the Color Your Ice section of our website for all the links and descriptions.


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